Monday, January 26, 2009

He's a Rolling Stone

Last Thursday, at 4 and a half months old, Emmett finally made it over his pesky arm and rolled from his back to his stomach.

Four days later and he's rolling and pushing himself all over the place!

He headed over to the Lightning McQueen bean bag and sucked on it for a while, then took off again, picking up a pair of Carson's pants along the way, before stopping and having those pants for breakfast.

And one more thing from today.
Carson is NOT impressed with Emmett being in his seat. It may look like Carson is smiling and making Emmett laugh, but really Carson's trying to climb in and Emmett just loves any attention from his brothers.


Wisconsin Willeys said...

Way to go Emmett. love the picture and all the dialogue.

Grammy H said...

Oh! the start of the sharing of HIS things. What sweathearts.