Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Card Confessional

So I didn't make a Christmas card this year. Not even one I could email.
I was swamped with jobs and projects on the computer that kept me busy until family came. Then, by the time they left, it was too late to get anything in the mail and I still had the biggest project to finish up on the computer.
Maybe I would have found the time anyway if I had pictures. But, sadly, pathetically, depressingly, I realized I actually don't have any pictures of all 5 of us (okay, that's not true, I do have the one at the beginning of this post, but it's crappy quality and non of the boys are looking anyway). Sure, I could do a card with a picture of the boys and a picture of Travis and I separately. But again - sadly, pathetically, depressingly, I have no good picture of JUST Travis and I.
I will probably look back and regret this. I already do. Maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if it was just another year amongst many, but it was Emmett's first. And besides, when the kids are little they change so much year to year.
Okay, depressed monologue is over. Although I think I've almost resolved to throw something together at this point just for my own benefit... Hm, a blurry picture of Travis and I wouldn't look blurry when shrunk down to a card...


Mindy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! We have finally realized that to get a Christmas card out in time, we have to start in October. I think we got half of them out this year, and JUST barely and everyone probably got their after Christmas. It's hard on my feelings! It's a learning process though.
Here are some ideas that you could think of doing:
1. Do an Autumn Wishes card like Jesica and Conway Jensen do...we get one right around Thanksgiving time or sometime in November. I bet she has no stress during the holidays because her cards are already done!
2. You could always make a "Happy New Year's" card. You would just need to get it in the mail sometime in January.
3. Pick any time of year when you can think of sending out your family picture and letter and call it good. Example: Travis's graduation--worth the wait for getting the card with the whole family right?
My suggestion to you is for your own benefit, go out and get your family picture taken now. Get one of you and Travis, and one of just the kids. Then you will have them for you! Post them on your blog.
I get so stressed out about this sort of thing too and for some reason time frames matter to me...just gotta think of alternatives sometimes. I hope you can let the stress go. :) Mindy.
PS. I know this is already super long, but I wanted to say that you and me went to some aquarium together the other day and had a blast. Dreaming, weird.

Laura Marriott said...

Laurie, just take a picture on Sunday before church! You can make up the rest later but I think you'll always regret not being able to because of a picture. I regret it for Christmas 2007 so very much. I also wanted to make a book of all our anniversaries and I'm already missing pictures from those days. I'm just thumping myself on the head, I'm telling you!

Mom said...

Listen to your friends. They sound pretty darn wise to me!!!

Nicki said...

I have a friend who regularly sends a Valentine's Day letter. I love the idea. She had more time to get together pictures and is doing the letter without the stress of the holidays looming over her. Maybe you don't have to not do anything this year...or give yourself a break and do a Christmas letter next year.

Aaron and Kristel said...

Oh I feel bad that I was probably one of your Christmas projects with my family card...sorry! If it makes you feel better I got tons of compliments on how pretty our Christmas card was.. :)

Mom Hunsaker said...

New year letters/pix are really great. But definitely get your family pic taken anyways.