Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Day Tidbits

So I post a lot of pictures. I like pictures. The boys are making it even worse now that they're often asking for pictures to be taken...
Anyway, here's some tidbits from just the last 2 days! At least in this case when I say tidbits, this is all I have. It's not that these are just a small sampling of lots of pictures that I have to comb through, as is often the case!

Actually, here's something from 2 days ago too:
I came upstairs from doing some laundry and had to ask Avery, "Why is my door shut?"
Avery said, "There was an office guy with mean eyebrows and I put him in there. In the mixer. And my police dragon is going to eat him. I gave him a straw."
Hm, that sounds a little gruesome, Avery.
Oh. By the way, Avery's police dragon has been around for a while now. He's joined his other imaginary friend, Cory, a black lion, who I wrote about back in November. And apparently they're all, along with Carson, "police guys."

Yesterday Avery was very excited about the picture he drew. He said it's him kneeling. This was great because Avery just isn't into coloring or drawing. So I thought this was actually a high quality composition coming from Avery! So, he asked for a picture:

Emmett holds his bottle! Okay, so he's only holding it properly because he was half asleep last night. He likes to grab it, but he hasn't yet figured out that holding it in place instead of moving it all around gets his belly full...

This morning Travis plopped Emmett down all cozied up between Avery and a pillow. The two of them in their footy pajamas watching morning cartoons all snuggled up was too cute. Right when I tried to take a picture Avery jumped away explaining that he couldn't stand to smell Emmett anymore. Oh. Thanks for leaving me with that diaper, Travis. But I think this picture is funny because it says to me Emmett is laughing about driving Avery away with his stink:

This monkey towel was actually a gift to Emmett, but his head gets lost under the monkey's still, so we sometimes use it on Carson (who has a frog towel). Carson loves the monkey towel though and enjoys being called "monkey." He wanted his picture taken too:
Just like he posed with the bib the other day, this is him, unprompted, smiling for the camera. Considering how long Carson had such a serious face, I love that he's decided to give us his smile and poses for the camera!


Mindy said...

I didn't remember that Avery has such an imagination. When he said he put a man there I thought it was for real! Whew! Don't scare me like that.

Wisconsin Willeys said...

I thought I recognized that monkey towel. you've got a cute monkey on your hands.

Mom said...

Emmett may not have a lot to say but he can certainly communicate.