Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caring for the Sick and Needy

Carer: Avery
Sick: Laurie
Needy: Carson & Emmett

I got food poisoning from last night's diner. (No I didn't make it) And I know it had to be food poisoning because Travis had just a bit of my food and he woke up with knots in his stomach too (although his got better quickly, while mine started at 3am and got much much worse).
I'll spare you the details of course.

Being stuck on the couch in some pretty significant pain, I was pretty useless in the Mom role.

Avery took over.

He made frozen toaster waffles for himself and Carson - without electrocuting himself, so that's a plus. I think the last waffle he did got stuck and left there.

At one point Avery informed me he was washing (the already clean) table for me. Later he told me he got paper towels to wipe up the water. Hmm, how much water and how many paper towels? Who cares.

During that time in the kitchen, Avery told Carson to "Stop your whining. Sheesh!"
A few minutes later I said, "It's hard taking care of whiny kids isn't it?"
I got a resounding "Yeah!"

A little later Emmett was screaming and needed to eat. I had to wait for the current bout of cramping to pass, and next thing I knew Avery came in with a bottle for Emmett. It was made in the rinsed out bottle from the day before, full to the top, with who knows what amount of formula in it, and I nearly dropped it when he handed it to me because it was ice cold.

What a sweet, caring boy Avery can be. I love that he took all that upon himself.

Thankfully, Travis came home midday to help and I was able to nap which helped some.


Mindy said...

What a great helper! Hope you feel much better.

Cyndi said...

What a little man

Mom said...

Avery, you're the man!

It's amazing what kids can do when they have to and you find out how much they really know and what they pick up from every day life.

Glad you're better Laurie.

Wisconsin Willeys said...

wow, I am so impressed, even making the bottle! I would hire him.
hope your feeling better, you should have called me, I totally would have helped but I guess Avery did that job better than I could have :)

Emily said...

Oh gosh! I hate food posioning. It's the worst for moms, because somehow you are expected to just magically get better and do all the things that moms do everyday anyway. No real breaks for moms :) Lucky you had a great helper! What a sweetie :)

Laura Marriott said...

I'm so proud of Avery! That is pretty awesome that he can see a need and do it without being told. His wife will love him!!!

morgan said...

Such a little man - it's amazing what a sense of pride can come from feeling responsible.