Thursday, December 3, 2009

Avery's 5 Year Check-Up

Today was Avery's 5 year check-up. He got the H1N1 mist, but that wasn't much of a relief since he had 4 shots besides, and one of them included tetanus which knocked his leg out all day. Carson and Emmett both got the H1N1 while we were there too.

46.25 in, over 100%
48 pounds, 75%

Now, I have to put in a serious gripe. I can't stand that office. I will be finding a new pediatrician.

First, I find the receptionist rude.

Second, I find the nurse to be stiff and unfriendly. Zero trust building going on with my kids.

Third, the doctor doesn't seem to care. I like a laid back attitude, but he takes it into indifference. Both at Emmett's 1 year in September and now at Avery's 5 year check-ups he did nothing to ascertain their level of development. Obviously he could see Emmett was physically active ahead of schedule, but there were no other questions. Obviously Avery's beyond things like "jump for me" or similar physical demonstrations, but there were NO questions. I expected something, like a demonstration of drawing, or questions to see how he's developing cognitively. Nothing. He asked me how I thought he was doing. "Fine as far as I know, but I'm not trained in child development, so what do I know?" I was trying to get him to do a little more, but no.

Fourth, their shots policy has really pissed me off. Our previous office stopped doing shots in the leg after the kids started walking. The child would sit on the parent's lap, facing the parent, so a good hold could be had on them. If there was more than one shot, two nurses would come in so both arms could be done simultaneously to get it over with quicker. I really liked this whole method. Of course Avery doesn't like shots, but he was able to deal with that method.
No more.
The policy in the office we're at now says they hold a kid down on the table for shots and they're administered in the leg until they're 5. Once age 5 is reached, they have to show they're in control of themselves before shots can be delivered in the arm.
This means when Avery got his flu shot earlier in the fall, I think them holding him down was tantamount to telling him
"This is REALLY going to hurt and you should be afraid!"
It completely freaked him out that they were holding him down. After that initial experience he even told me "the doctor in Milwaukee was gentler. I like them better."
So this time he was in hysterics before we even started. And remember reason #2? Yeah, the nurse isn't nice, so it's not like she'll listen to me about the whole situation. It's her way or the highway. And I did try.
This time Avery confirmed my suspicions about the change in the method being the problem by telling me afterward "I like the doctor in Milwaukee better. I like shots in my arm better."
Seriously?! They've reduced my child to identifying a preferred shot method!

Anyway, for us there's not a single redeeming factor at this office.
Gripe over. I will find a new office.

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Angela said...

Wow! All I can say is Wow! Yeah find someone better!