Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Fun

My parents came down from Spokane to spend Christmas with us!

Avery was so excited to have his Grandma Benjamin with us and wanted lots of pictures of the two of them.

The boys wanted to make a train, well, not Emmett.

Avery and Grandma tend to find funny ways to make funny faces. Apparently pulling ears causes your tongue to stick out.

Travis was obviously very entertained by us.

Finally, the boys got all set up for Santa!

I know I already shared this on my photography blog, but oh well, here it is again.
We never did carrots for the reindeer growing up, instead we gave cheese for Santa Mouse. The book Santa Mouse by Michael Brown was a traditional favorite growing up and my sister and I have continued the tradition in our own homes. There's a a picture of the book in last year's post.

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