Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Candy Cane

EmmettOur toddler proof Christmas tree has been looking pretty sad. I had some glass balls on top, but I didn't have any shatterproof ones for the bottom (I was pretty much banned from buying decorations of any kind in Milwaukee so we wouldn't have to move it back), so it was a real hodgepodge there and completely incongruent with the top half. To help fill in all over we used candy canes. Up until today that was great. Emmett has now realized they do more than look nice. So instead of just pathetic, my tree is back to looking really pathetic again with candy canes only on the top half now too. I will be definitely be going on a Christmas decorations shopping spree after the holiday when everything is on sale (I already did that with excellent results post-Halloween and post-Thanksgiving too!)

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Mindy said...

Are you sure? He looks innocent to me!