Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday we went to Portland with Travis' parents. On the way back it was snowing quite a bit, and apparently we missed the worst of it. Later, the traffic got so bad that people were stalled more than 6 hours and were running out of gas. Many cars were abandoned on the freeway.
It was nice to go to Portland, but I missed the opportunity to traipse around in the snow with my camera! By the time we got home, it was dusk. There was only a thin layer at our house.
Carson gently reached down and touched his hand to the snow. I showed him I could make a hand print too. Then Avery wanted one next to mine. So I called Travis over and told him to join it. I should have had him get Emmett too! Here's Avery, me, Travis and Carson:

Emmett wanted to take off once we put him down in the snow

After getting inside, Travis told the boys to keep their shoes and coats on and took them out back to try the rock climber in the snow.



At this point I think the snow had turned to sleet and it was time to go in.

After going inside, Emmett took exception to the bit of snow still on his fingers.
Since the boys didn't really get to play in it, I hope that's not the last of snow we see this winter! We really just need to take a trip into the mountains so they can have some real fun.

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