Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's definitely been colder here lately than usual. Normally it's rainy and just above freezing. now it's been below freezing for a while (obviously long enough to make a good ice chunk out of my in-law's pool for Avery to walk on) but the moisture has eluded us so no snow! On one hand that's kind of a rotten deal (all the cold but no beauty or fun), but on the good side it means no ridiculous 24/7 roadside news coverage because apparently nobody knows how to survive or get around in snow here. I have literally seen roadside coverage just for a skiff of snow on the side of the road and only wet roads here. Truly, it's beyond ridiculous. Also, the schools get closed at the slightest hint of snow, actually at the slightest hint snow only might be coming! Have I said it's ridiculous yet?
Okay, seeing as how there hasn't even been snow for all that ridiculousness to take place I really ought to be moving on now.
The boys have some toys left out on the deck and one is a sand castle bucket. Obviously with all the winter rain we get it's usually full of water. Now, with all this extra cold we've had, the water froze. Yes, Avery, freezing water expands, so yes, Avery, your bucket is now trash. Actually, he wasn't really upset. He thought it was cool that the freezing water expanded enough to break his bucket and he wanted to buy a new one so we could see if it would do it again. That's my science loving kid for ya. He also thought it was pretty cool that his rake left an imprint in the top of the ice block where it had been floating pre-freeze and wanted me to take a picture of it.


At least Emmett was happy watching us outside instead of the usual crying fit for not being allowed to participate.

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