Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wednesday before Thanksgiving we drove up to my parents house in Spokane, WA.

This is what Emmett thought of the drive:

I think you could call this a drive-by waterfalling...?

That first evening Avery and Chloe received the coolest gifts. Great Grandma Cabe made aprons for each of them since they both like helping so much in the kitchen. I'm seriously moved by these gifts. Thank you so much Grandma Cabe!

I love catching the boys having some Grandma Time


Since we were there for Thanksgiving, I should probably include pictures of the actual event, right? But in the interest of keeping this post from turning into a novel, here's just one: Carson and his cousin Jace enjoying the good food.

Avery getting some Grandma Time

I love that this kid just takes care of himself when he needs to!

Who's in there... Emmett!
He watched cousin Jace get in and out several times and had to try it out himself.

This was another funny game Emmett enjoyed... um, paper face?

Domino's with Grandma. Grandpa had to come see what was going on too.

Avery's turn

While there, we were sure to stop in at White Elephant, which is always a fun place to look anyway, but we went to pick up some 1F black powder for my father-in-law's cannon. We haven't found a place in Oregon that sells it.

My Mom bought the girls in the family these jackets with a picture in mind. Too bad mine had sleeves 4 inches too short and we had to buy a larger size just to get something close enough for a picture, then it was taken back. Dumb purple color. My Mom has long arms too and her red one was fine.

Conveniently, Chloe had a jacket that was along the same lines so we could really get a picture with all the girls!

We tried for a train, but it was doomed to be a failure from the start just because poor Jace had to stay home sick. Chloe, Avery, Carson, Emmett and my cousin Andrea's son Ryder. See Laurie Marie Photography for pictures of him I took that day.

The last night there we wanted to take the boys on the free horse drawn carriage rides downtown, but Emmett wasn't feeling well, Carson doesn't like riding on things, and after all it is a cold wait in line to go, so Travis happily stayed home while just Mom and I took Avery.

A picture with the horses after the ride

Part of the ride went by the front of the mall downtown and we don't know how Avery knew, but he was convinced Santa was in there and wanted to see him. So after the ride we surprised him by walking over there. The mall puts up a huge tree in the front every year.

A very huge tree.

There were big gifts around the big tree too.

And Avery got to talk to Santa! They were very obliging with letting me take pictures, even posing for me, despite my not buying their prints.

After Santa we headed back to the car. As a warmer shortcut, we cut through Macy's. That's when we spotted the mailbox and had an "Oh, YEAH!" moment. Every time Avery saw the commercials from Macy's about writing a letter to Santa, he was big on doing that. Well, we got that checked off the to do list that night too!
Apparently what he told me to write was the same thing he asked Santa for just moments before. Transformers, books, more Transformers and more books. What kind of books? Science books. Avery got a little pin for writing a letter too.

What a busy Thanksgiving trip! I'm so thankful for such great family and fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mom said...

Thanksgiving was so fun at our house I'd like to do it again! I think the boys all had a good time. I sure did. Emmett in the cabinet is just comical with his little tongue sticking out and all that concentration.