Saturday, December 12, 2009

Imagination Movers

One of Avery's favorite tv shows for about a year now has been the Imagination Movers on Disney. Back in the summer the Imagination Movers announced they would be going on tour. I looked it up and found they would be in Portland Dec. 11th - perfect for Avery's birthday present! So in August when they went on sale I was so excited to buy tickets for him. A while later when advertising for the tour finally started, you can bet Avery was constantly after me about going. Finally his birthday party came and he was ecstatic to get the tickets! Thankfully we only had a week until the show because he just could not wait.
We're ready for our "hot" date! Avery told his Grandma and Grandpa he had a date with the prettiest girl and Dad was jealous.

Once we got to Portland we went to dinner first. Despite many choices, Avery wanted McDonald's. I think it's just ingrained in kids to pick the golden arches...

Waiting in our seats

This is were we sat in relation to the stage.

After that last picture my little ultra-zoom camera finally put its second foot through death's door. A moment of silence please for the camera responsible for most of the pictures on this blog.................................

Anyway. We had such a good time. Avery is not the kind of kid who interacts with the tv, but he was on his feet dancing and moving and shouting on command through the whole show! Mover Rich spent a lot of time running through the isles to meet as many kids as possible. Since we had seats right on the isle at the top of our section, he stopped there and Avery got to give him a high five. They really put on a good show, and there were lots of inserts for the adults, like more info about them (there's 11 kids between the 4 of them and Mover Rich has 5!) and playing bits of popular songs and laughing about how they're not allowed to play like that on tv. It really was a good show and Avery had the time of his life. This was a particularly special thing Avery and Mom got to do together, I hope he can remember it for a long time!


Mindy said...

That's so fun that you went on a date together! I bet he WILL remember it.

Mom said...

That moment of silence was well deserved! Avery did have the prettiest date in town. I'm so glad he got completely involved and had such a good time. He probably will remember it.