Monday, May 3, 2010

Avalyn's Birthday

Avalyn is Avery's best friend from preschool and the two are practically inseparable. Avalyn turned 5 April 22 and had a party the next day right after preschool with many of the kids in their class. When we got there immediately Avalyn took Avery's hand and they were off together. After pizza, presents and ice cream cake all at each others' side all the other kids left the table to play while these two stayed and sat together.

Avery keeps Avalyn's school picture propped up in the playroom "so (Avery) can see her" and lately he's been telling me after school he liked what Avalyn wore that day. I ask him if he ever tells her but he always says shyly "no, I want to keep it a secret." The first Valentine thing they made at school Avery wanted to give to Avalyn, but I was feeling jealous at that and drug my feet leaving that day so we wouldn't catch up to them in the parking lot. At the Valentine's party Avalyn's mom said she found the two of them in their own little world sitting alone together at a table looking at their Valentine's. At Easter Avery was supposed to come home with two plastic eggs with candy (and several colored ones) and when I noticed he only had one and asked about it he said, "Oh, Avalyn lost one of hers so I gave her one of mine." Shh, I didn't tell you this, but he's also come to me quietly to express concern about what to do about marriage in the future. I asked him if he was thinking of Avalyn and he said very bashfully, "Yeah." It's all just too adorable.


Mindy said...

My my my!

Angela said...

Very Cute. I don't think Ethan realizes that girls exist. He's always wanting his guy friends to come over and play.

Mom/Grandma Benjamin said...

But Avery!!! I thought I was the love of your life. I guess I'm willing to share. There's nothing like your oldest grandson!