Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Teas

Today was Avery's preschool class "Spring Teas." It's a little program of songs, a gift and card to the Moms for Mother's Day, showing off their artwork that decorates the school and then a little lunch of tea sandwiches, fruit and the like.

Avery loves school but didn't want to go today because of the singing. He hates singing. We bribed him with a promise of a treat afterward if he had a good attitude and at least tried. He did just fine and wasn't cranky but you could tell it wasn't his "thing" like it was for some of the other kids.


Avery and Avalyn again, always together. They're both looking forward to Kindergarten together next year at this school they go to, but Avery's already sad thinking about 1st grade at separate grade schools.


Mindy said...

Your eyes look amazing. They just pop in that photo.
It's so cute Avery has a girlfriend.

Mom said...

Avalyn looks like a perfect little lady and Avery quite the gentleman.

Gammy H said...

They make a perfect pair. Now I know what his best friend looks like and why he likes her so much.