Monday, May 10, 2010

Dance Dance Avery

Back in mid-April one weekend saw Avery very busy dancing. I know these pictures don't give the best view, but when I asked him if he could dance on the ground he said, "The ground?! No, Mom, I have to be on the stage!" Oh, of course. Excuse me. Oh, and if you ask him, he's a hip hop dancer. Or a robot or a popper or a break dancer. Usually it's one of those.

Then he abruptly stopped and took a break just like this:

And then it was back to dancing.


Jocelyn said...

That boy is hilarious! I love his pose in the middle of all of it.

Mom said...

There is art in that boy's soul. He may not like singing but the art is still there. Avalon may like a dancer better than a singer.

Mom said...

Sorry I mispelled Avalyn's name. Avery so reminds me of Christopher sometimes and this is one of them.

Mindy said...


Gary B said...

That's my grandson!!!!!

Gammy H said...

If he likes the stage so much he may eventually like singing to go with it. I think I might invest in a mic of sorts to see if it may work. He definitly has the personality for the crazy dancing.