Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mr. Drool Says "Yeeess"

He's Mr. Drool because the drool has truly been atrocious lately. Then, the other day, Travis found the culprits - all three of them! THREE of his second molars broke through in one day!

The "Yes" is about his head shake confusion. A few months ago he used to nod yes and shake no without any difficulty. Then he stopped nodding. All of a sudden no and yes were both indicated with a no shake. Argh. (Typical regression in one area when another area takes off, in this case it happened right before his speech really took off.)
So some weeks ago I started grabbing his head and moving it up and down in a nod when I knew he was meaning yes. It only took a day or two of that before he started getting his yeses done with a nod - but with his own hands on his head to move it! Finally, back on the 10th, I got around to filming him doing it (his brothers joined in knowing I was filming it) and it was a good thing I did it then since within a few days after that he pretty well stopped. You can still see him think about how he should move his head first or sometimes he sort of moves it in a circle or figure eight until he gets it going where it should be and then gives a very pronounced nod and "yes."


Mom said...

If you asked him if he was cranky and drooly while those teeth erupted would he say 'yeeess'?
I love that little tummy pooch in his orange shirt. Little kids have such cute tummies.

RaQuelle Willey said...

yeah for drool boy!
he is a real cutie!
ps thanks for the blog help, it totally worked. I'm super excited about it too so thanks!