Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, this is the other (and last for a while, Travis!) big craigslist purchase. We finally have our own quad. Sorry this isn't great picture of it what with the welder front and center and all, but the model sitting on top couldn't be beat.

Travis already has a sand rail he built, so once he gets the new transmission he already bought in it and he gets the problem (that we knew about and how to fix so we got a great deal) fixed on the quad then those plus the Odyssey will have us really rolling at the dunes! Yea! Travis also bought the riding boots in the bottom right of the picture off of craigslist. That was a real bonus considering his size 16 feet pretty much mean custom fit riding boots which cost an arm and a leg. We also just found some riding boots for me on craigslist as well.

This is Emmett's other ride whenever he can steal it from Carson.

Okay, this isn't really a ride, but anyway... Emmett The Monkey has no issue climbing in and out of our trailer. Please, please don't fall one of these times...

Back to the rides. Seriously, this thing is no fun at all...

Can't you just see how miserable he is?


Mom said...

I'm sorry Travis is having such a hard time adjusting to life without dental school!!!!
Is Avery showing Emmett some of his dance moves on the 'stage'?

Aaron and Kristel said...

You are going to have a fun summer with these new toys! Now tell Travis you get equal shopping money ;) hehe!

meg hunsaker said...

That is definitely not my idea of a good pair of riding boots :)