Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Smaller Project

Well, sort of a smaller project. Organizing the garage isn't that small, but we've made a step in that direction. Last Friday we finished the gate, so Saturday it was time to start the next project. Then last night we finished this small project towards organizing the garage.

The garage goes the full depth of the house on one side. Travis wants his weight set in the back and a little shop in the front of the extended area under where the overhead storage area the previous owners built in (which is quite nice). Unfortunately, at 6'5" Travis doesn't have many inches clearance under the storage and he feels a little closed in. Ultimately, he'd like to take it down, but we have to figure out enough storage before that can happen. This picture is after we've already unloaded a good deal off of it because...

Travis built these shelves in the space over the garage door.

There's one on each side for now, but we're also planning on adding more on the side of the beam so the shelving will be almost a complete square.

We also plan on adding shelves with more clearance for taller items on the walls high in the very back of the garage on either side of the weights. We'll see from there.

Also to aid with setting up the garage the way Travis wants it, he took off this morning to go look at a little workbench he spotted on Craigslist for next to nothing.
And here he is, back home with it, having sanded off the surface rust on it and a little Rustoleum primer and paint and he'll be good to go.

It has a plank for a bottom shelf and a thick wood top. It's a good little start for him instead of all the more expensive options he's been looking at. The plank leaning on the fence gives a better indication of how big it is.

After a little sanding and some varathane it looks pretty good.

More later on what Craigslist has done to us lately...

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Aaron and Kristel said...

i've decided after reading these two post owning a home is tiring... I better save up some energy for a few years first..hehe ;) Super impressed with the gate and shelves though!