Sunday, May 30, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

Carson,EmmettHere's another Carson and Emmett escapade.

This actually happened earlier this month a few days before the Desitin and green pepper violence incidence but it somehow got skipped over when I pulled pictures off of my camera and I just found it. So, like I said in that atrocious Desitin post, these two are monsters on a regular basis.

Here they've snuck out of bed an hour and a half after bedtime and are having a royal time with the water. All that splashing on the mirror is nothing. You can't tell, but Emmett is sitting in a pool and dripping wet to the waist and Carson is standing in a very large pool, the hems of his pajama pants soaked up a several inches. They managed so much mess because we didn't hear them because we were working out in the garage.

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